Employment Law

We represent clients in all aspects of employment law.  Our clients include individuals who are or have been treated illegally by their employers as well as businesses and municipalities that want to ensure they are following all the laws surrounding the employer-employee relationship.  Our expertise in this area includes: 

Wrongful Termination

We help clients who have been wrongfully terminated in violation of their employer’s policies, in retaliation, or because of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, national origin, or disability.  We have pursued whistleblowers actions and contest all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment. For a wrongful termination attorney Idaho Falls can trust, look to Holden Kidwell Hahn & Crapo.

Labor Laws

Employers have to follow many laws and regulations about wages, hours, and leave.  We help our clients make sure employers pay for everything they should, provide sufficient breaks, and allow leave when it is required. 

Unemployment, Benefits, and Retirement

Even after you have finished working for an employer, you still have certain rights.  Where appropriate, we help enforce our client’ rights to unemployment compensation, COBRA and other health insurance benefits, and the security of your retirement accounts. 

Compliance Counseling

We also work with businesses of all sizes, as well as city and county governments, in reviewing and maintaining appropriate employment practices and policies.

If you are in need of an employment attorney that Idaho Falls residents trust, look to the counsel of DeAnne Casperson, Ryan S. DustinDale W. Storer, and Amanda E. Ulrich for guidance.