Practice Areas

Administrative and Regulatory Law

The firm monitors current developments in administrative and regulatory law insofar as such developments affect the firm's clients. Members of the firm practice in several areas which involve administrative and regulatory matters in nearly all aspects of the law.

Adoption Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. can assist clients with all aspects of the adoption process, including termination of parental rights, adoptions, and defending challenges to adoptions.  The firm also has worked with numerous adoption agencies to finalize adoptions, and out-of-state adoption agencies to ensure that adoption placements meeting the applicable laws of both states.

Corporate and Business Planning

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C., has experience in a wide array of business matters, from initial formation of the business to complex benefits packages. Our practice includes the creation of organization documents, research and development of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.  In addition, the firm can advise clients on executive and employee pensions and profit-sharing, and estate and tax planning and advice concerning employee compensation and benefits packages. Our firm has expertise in employee and management labor relations, debtor/creditor matters, commercial paper, bankruptcy, capitalization of businesses, anti-trust and business spin-offs and buy-outs.

Commercial Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. is experienced in all areas of commercial law, including loan closings, creation and perfection of liens and security interests in real and personal property, judicial and non-judicial foreclosure actions and defense of lender liability suits.

Construction Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. has experience and expertise in construction law and litigation. We have represented and continue to represent contractors, sub-contractors and owners/builders in construction disputes.

Criminal Defense

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. has several attorneys with extensive experience in both state and federal criminal law.  The firm has experience experienced in the area of state and federal criminal tax litigation.

Education Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. has represented school districts throughout eastern Idaho on education-related matters.   Since the firm deals with a large number of recurring problems which are common to all school districts, the firm is able to provide economical and efficient delivery of legal services.

Environmental Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. can represent parties in all phases of state and federal environmental permitting, including hazardous and solid waste, air and water quality, environmental aspects of real estate transactions, civil and criminal environmental litigation, environmental impact statements, environmental audits and legislative and administrative proceedings.

Employment Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C.  represents clients in all aspects of employment law.  Our attorneys have represented clients on issues ranging from unlawful termination to sexual harassment.  The firm also assists businesses and municipalities in reviewing and maintaining appropriate employment practices and policies.

Family Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. offers expertise in all areas of domestic relations, including complex property issues such as the division of retirement benefits and business interests, as well as the tax issues related to the distribution of property. The firm provides competent and compassionate legal services concerning divorce, child custody matters, guardianships, visitation, support, grandparent rights, as well as all aspects of the child adoption process.

Estate Planning-Probate

The solid reputation upon which the firm of Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C., stands was built, in part, by the care, understanding and professionalism utilized in estate planning and probate proceedings. The emotional impact of the loss of a loved one is often times made easier by advanced planning through the creation of wills and trusts for the decedent's family and loved ones. Because of the often complex intricacies of federal and state estate taxation, the estate planning attorneys in the firm are able to assist you in developing a concrete probate and tax plan.


Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. is able to present your case forcefully and fairly before any court of other decision-making body where your case is to be heard. Our experienced team of litigators will help you throughout all phases of pre-trial investigation, discovery, trial and, if necessary, appeal before the highest court. The members of the firm offer a wide variety of personal experience and expertise in the trial arena, assuring you professional and dedicated trial counsel at all stages throughout the legal process.

Municipal Law

In perhaps one of the most complex areas of law, Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. represents a number of municipalities on all aspects of municipal law.  Our attorneys possess years of experience, and can assist cities and other municipalities with the complicated issues often faced by municipalities.

Natural Resource Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. also represents clients concerning federal and state environmental matters.  We have assisted clients in resolving RCRA violations, Clean Water Act violations, NEPA matters, Endangered Species Act litigation, and other environmental matters.  A number of our firm’s attorneys come from farming and ranching backgrounds, and understand the issues facing farmers and ranchers in today’s world.

Real Estate

Our real estate department works hand in hand with our business and corporate practitioners and tax and security experts to offer a full range of services in areas of real estate purchase and development. Our firm is particularly skilled in all aspects of construction contracts, including labor management relations and negotiations and litigation arising from contract disputes. In addition, we offer expertise in land use, commercial development, residential development, leases, conveyances, title litigation, and oil and gas and mineral law. Our attorneys who practice real estate law assist you in developing both traditional and non-traditional financing programs, including industrial development bonds, tax exempt financing devices, and equity participation loans.

State and Local Government

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C. represents many large and small cities within the state and provides consultation to state and county governments as well. We have acted as issuers' counsel in numerous public bond issues and have served as lead counsel in the construction of many public works projects and several large hydroelectric construction projects.

Taxation and Securities Related Services

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C., has extensive experience in the field of tax planning. We provide tax advice and services to business, professional and individual taxpayers in many western states. Our tax practitioners are admitted to practice before the United State District Courts; Circuit Courts of Appeal and the United States Tax Court.

Water Law

Holden, Kidwell, Hahn & Crapo, P.L.L.C.  has a long history of representing clients on water and natural resource matters.  The firm represents canal companies, irrigation districts, developers, and farmers in all aspects of water law.  Our attorneys appear often before the Snake Adjudication Court to resolve or contest adjudication of water rights, represent clients in contested administrative cases before the Idaho Department of Water Resources, and assist clients in obtaining water rights or changing their water rights through the statutory administrative process.  The firm uses the same GIS technology used by the Idaho Department of Water Resources in order to effectively address water rights issues in an efficient matter.