Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense practice is capable of handling matters ranging from infractions to misdemeanors to felonies in state and federal courts.  We aid our clients through a stressful time and help our clients protect their constitutional rights and tell their side of the story.  We can help in a variety of ways, including: 

Criminal Litigation

Our experience in the unique arena of criminal litigation includes investigation, motions, and trials.  When the government itself is against you, we are on your side.

Collateral Civil Matters

A criminal case may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Frequently, a criminal case can carry civil implications, ranging from forfeiture of property to the loss or suspension of rights, permits, or licenses.  We can help you with the underlying criminal case and the collateral civil matters as part of a coordinated strategy. 

Post-Conviction Procedure

Even if a case is decided against you, there are remedies and possibilities available to still achieve justice.  For instance, we can utilize a petition for post-conviction relief to provide relief from errors that were committed during your case.  There is also the possibility of discharging and expunging your conviction under certain circumstances.


If necessary, we can help you pursue your appeal to have another court correct any errors of law that were committed in your case.