Family Law

Our firm’s expertise extends to all areas of domestic relations.  We recognize that each case is unique and can be emotionally charged and stressful.  We help make things easier by providing compassionate representation that still progresses the case so that our client can move forward.  We can help you whenever the law has to interact with your family, including: 


We can guide you through the divorce process so that you can move on.  We can explain your options and provide counsel so that you can make the best choices.  Our experience includes alimony, property division, division of retirement benefits and business interests, as well as the tax issues related to divorce.  Whether you need an expert to look after your best interest, a skilled negotiator to help you mediate, or a professional litigator to represent you at trial – we are here for you. For a divorce attorney Idaho Falls residents trust, Robert L. Harris & Shan B. Perry are here for you.

Child Custody and Visitation

Our experience also aids in determining issues related to your children.  Child custody and visitation, guardianships, and support matters deserve the vigilant representation we provide. If you need the best child custody attorney Idaho Falls has to offer, contact us today.

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents’ rights are a relatively new area of law that can involve visitation, custody, and guardianship.  If you are trying to look out for your grandchild’s best interests, we can discuss your options.


We assist our clients with all aspects of adoption.  Each adoption is unique and, depending on the situation, we can help you understand the application of Idaho law, interstate law, and even international law to your situation.  Our goal is to make sure that your adoption proceeds smoothly. Sensative situations such as these require the best adoption attorney Idaho Falls can offer. Our office is here to welcome you with any legal assistance you many need.