We are able to present your case forcefully and fairly before any court of other decision-making body where your case is to be heard.  Our experienced team of litigators will help you throughout all phases of litigation. The members of the firm offer a wide variety of personal experience and expertise in the trial arena, assuring you professional and dedicated trial counsel at all stages throughout the legal process, including: 

Considering your Options

Our philosophy is that one of the most important steps in litigation is the planning and decisions that occur up front.  We work with clients to define what success means to them, understand the options available, and see the possible risks and costs associated with litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In order to maximize our clients’ success, we can utilize the tools of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which include negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.  ADR can empower our clients to shape the results of their own case, incur fewer costs, and have a resolution faster than is possible by trial.

Administrative Hearings

We are prepared to argue your case in administrative hearings and before any necessary governmental body.  When there is an administrative remedy available, our clients must usually exhaust it before they can proceed with their case in court.  Our expertise and experience has brought us before numerous boards, panels, commissions, and hearing officers all across Idaho. 

In the Courtroom

There are disputes that require trials.  We conduct a thorough investigation, engage in diligent discovery, file necessary motions, and deliver compelling trial presentations.  Our litigation practice includes not only areas of law described in other sections (like Criminal Defense, Employment Law, and Family Law), but also includes commercial litigation, contract enforcement, trust and estate disputes, and state and federal tax disputes. 


If necessary, we can argue your case on appeal.  Whether that means pointing out the errors made to a reviewing court or defending your victory, we have the expertise to assist you.