Natural Resources & Environmental Law

Our natural resources and environmental law practice utilizes a comprehensive view that encompasses business strategy, science, public policy, and law.  Our expertise in natural resources, water law, real estate, business transactions, and litigation means that we can provide assistance to our clients in a broader context.  We help our clients use and develop natural resources in all stages, including: 

Purchases, Sales, and Exchanges

We advise clients and work with them to buy and sell minerals, oil, gas, metals, fisheries, timber, and other natural resources.  We have experience helping our clients negotiate with government agencies, local governments, as well as private individuals.  Even in otherwise “ordinary” real estate transactions, there can be an environmental issue that our expertise allows us to address and work through with our clients.

Compliance Counseling

We provide clients with an understanding of the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to their venture.  We help clients identify potential problems with an eye to steering around them before they mature into crises.

Planning and Management

Our understanding enables us to provide our clients with a strategic view that incorporates the legal dimension of their activities.  We recognize that every site and situation is unique, and apply an equally innovative approach to assisting our clients in planning and managing each project. 

Permitting and Development

We facilitate the permitting process to help our clients get what they need.  Our experience includes land use, water rights, and environmental permits and approvals that have allowed our clients to develop the land and resources they own.