Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys help our clients enjoy their property.  In fact, U.S. News & World Report put our firm in the top tier of real estate law firms.  We earned that recognition, in part, because we work hand in hand with our environmental lawyers, business and corporate practitioners, and tax and security experts to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.  Our experience extends to almost every area of real estate law, including: 

Property Ownership

We help our clients buy, sell, and trade land; mortgage property; draft leases; and litigate any title matters.  We assist clients in developing both traditional and non-traditional financing programs, including industrial development bonds, tax exempt financing devices, and equity participation loans. 


Restrictions can be imposed in the form of land use regulations, like zoning, or easements.  We aid our clients in understanding any applicable zoning or similar regulations and what can be done to obtain variances or conditional use permits.  We also support our clients’ efforts to create, enforce, or adjudicate easements that can grant someone else the right to use our clients’ property or limit what our clients can do with their land.  We also have experience in working with developers and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in drafting, amending, and enforcing restrictive covenants.

Construction and Development

Our firm is particularly skilled in all aspects of construction contracts, including sub-contractor agreements, labor management relations and negotiations, and litigation arising from contract disputes. We can assist both developers and purchasers in creating their vision.