Water Law

Our water law practice utilizes both experience and innovation to help our clients effectively address all of their water rights issues in an efficient manner.  We have represented cities, canal companies, irrigation districts, developers, and farmers.  Our representation spans planning, permitting, licenses, easements, and litigation.  Not only do we have a long history of representing our client’s water interests, we continue to innovate to assist our clients – for instance, we use the same GIS technology used by the Idaho Department of Water Resources.  We support our clients in all facets of water law, including: 

Contesting and Resolving Water Rights

We advocate for our clients with the Idaho Department of Water Resources, before the Snake River Basin Adjudication Court, and in any other setting necessary to vindicate our client’s interests.  We help our clients maintain their interests against governmental entities, interested parties, and other users.  We aid in balancing Idaho’s dual mandates that “first in time is first in right” with the principle that water use should be maximized and developed. 

Obtaining and Changing Water Rights

We negotiate with individuals, companies, or governments to obtain or adjust our client’s water rights to suit their needs.  Whether a transactional or litigation approach is best to secure our client’s water rights, we are ready to help.